Welcome to
American National Bank & Trust Company

We might have a different name and look on the outside, but inside, you’ll find many of the same people and principles that you have come to value at HomeTown Bank. Plus, our priorities match as well, with our customers and our communities topping the list. We know mergers bring questions, but we are here to help, starting with this site designed to help find answers to your questions.

Merger Timeline

October 1, 2018
Merger announced; letters sent to all HomeTown Bank customers
March 19, 2019
Shareholder meetings for final merger approval
April 1, 2019
Legal close date of merger
April 26 – 29, 2019
Banking systems convert from HomeTown Bank to American National. Please review the key action steps in your transition packet to prepare for the system conversion.
April 29, 2019
Conversion complete and the signs are updated. Welcome to American National Bank & Trust Company!

Commonly Asked Questions


Why is HomeTown Bank merging with American National?

While bank mergers are common, it’s not always easy to find a partner that aligns so well with your values and culture. American National found that in HomeTown and we both offered each other something that will ultimately create a stronger community bank for our customers and our communities for years to come.

What will the name of the new bank be?

The name of the combined bank is American National Bank & Trust Company.

Will my account number change?

Your account number will remain the same!

What changes should I anticipate?

The short answer is we hope very little. You will still work with many of the same bankers you have come to know at HomeTown Bank and we’ve created some products and services that mirror what you have today. The hours and branch locations will remain – with the Westlake location consolidating to a branch 0.2 miles away. However, you will now have the strength of a bank with 110 years of service along with some new products and services you haven’t had previously.

Account Information

What will happen with my direct deposit?

Your direct deposit will not be interrupted. The organization initiating the deposit will be contacted with American National’s new routing number and you may be contacted to verify this information. The NEW routing number is 051401027.

Will I need to order new checks?

Your existing checks from HomeTown Bank can be used through the end of 2019. After that, new checks will need to be ordered but we will offer a credit towards any new check purchases with our buy-back program.

Will my HomeTown Bank debit card still work?

Your HomeTown Bank debit card will not work after April 28. Customers that have used their debit cards within the past year will receive a new debit card or ATM. Please contact your local branch if you don’t receive a card by April 20.

Will my bill pay information transfer over?

YES! We are working to transfer all of your payee information over to our bill pay system, including all scheduled payments. However, please note that any e-bills will not transfer. Those will need to be set up again. Also, please be sure that you don't have any bills scheduled to be paid on April 29, 2019. Reference the Welcome Guide for additional information.


Will there be any service interruptions during the merger?

During conversion weekend (April 26-29), there will be some service interruptions as we prepare to convert HomeTown’s banking system to ours. Please review a transition checklist on page 5 of the welcome guide to be sure you are prepared.

Who can I talk to if I have any questions?

Please contact your local branch just as you do today. Or you can call us at 1.800.240.8190 as well.


When will the signs change?

The signs will change on April 29, 2019.

Will any branch locations close as a result of the merger?

The only impact to the HomeTown Bank locations is at Westlake. We both had branches within a quarter mile of each other so we will consolidate into the larger of the two, which is American National’s branch located at 12930 Booker T. Washington Hwy in Hardy.

Will the branch hours change?

The branch hours will not change in Roanoke and New River. However, with the consolidation of the Westlake location, the hours there will now be Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 5:30pm (drive-thru stays open until 6pm) and Friday 8:30am – 6pm; Saturday 8:30am-12pm


New Products and Information

Looking for more info? We've compiled information and outlines to help make your transition to American National as smooth as possible.

Same Great Service

We’re still just around the corner, in your corner and a phone call away. Call your local branch or the number below.